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 Good luck + Rich luck

Beautiful Lucky Harmony
Korea good luck of doorbell. 
Living in a beautiful lucky
The Koreans had a purpose to experience and imagine the power of 
abundance and beautiful harmony and balance in
 everyday life through the bell.
It means that internalize the power of a positive mind that is repeated every day in the life.
 They had good luck and good energy, good chances,
timings as to their realization.
You may know the positive attitude of Koreans and their attitude toward good luck.
Good luck + Rich luck
The design of the 상평통보.
Design means wealth.
Bell sound means that amplifies lucky energy.
What is 상평통보 
Sangpyeong tongbo?
Sangpyeong tongbo is 
old money(coin) in the Joseon Dynasty
( Korea's history 1392~1910 )
It was made of copper, tin, alloys.
The surface surrounding the hole.
There is a hole in the center of the coin. 
The reason is to connect thread to hole in the center of coin.
So they can conveniently carry many coins.
상평통보常平通寶 is written on 
top of that.
The lucky bells of Korea(South Korea).
The custom and its purpose.
Doorbell means that is good luck and to prevent bad luck.
Koreans thought importantly, 
the abundance and the harmonious power.
For that reason,
They had a philosophical pursuit of harmonious energy, the power of abundance, 
In a word, it is good luck.
The ornamental and beautiful sound of Korea bell.
What is the purpose of this beauty?
They embodied that is the philosophical pursuit and 
the conscious pursuit through the beautiful ornaments 
and sounds of Bell.
They pursued the highest beauty for conscious pursuit.
   There is also purpose to enjoy beautiful luck and harmony energy as a bell to
amplify that force in everyday life.

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